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Our brain is the central point that controls all out activities, including functioning of various organs. In order to ensuring their functioning in an efficient way, some chemicals play an important role, and their deficiency can lead to ADHD disorder. Amphetamine Dextramphetamine (Adderall) is an important central nervous system stimulant that is used for treating ADHD symptoms. You can get this vital medicine on many websites.
Few important things you should keep in mind before taking this medicine are:

* You should take it only in the prescribed quantities

* Any excess intake can even affect your heart

* You can get Adderall in capsule form, which ensures that its slow absorption in your body. You should ensure that your capsule in not broken as all the drug may act at the same time

* It should be stored away from the direct heat, moisture and light.

* Drink large amounts of water when you take this medication.

You should avoid this medicine if you are a heart patient. In that case, you should first cleanse your body of inhibitors such as Marplan, Nardil, Azilct etc for few weeks.
Long term use should be avoided, especially in the case of kids as it can affect their growth. Pregnant ladies should also avoid it because it can affect the unborn baby. It should also be avoided by breastfeeding mothers as they can pass it to their babies. If you somehow skip Adderall, you should not take extra dosage next time. The best way is to skip the dose and continue as usual.

If you’ve been taking it since long, you may experience dry mouth, nausea, abdominal pain, increased heart rate, emotional changes and dizziness. Some less visible side effects are constipation, hives, shakiness, seizures, strange behavior, and suicidal thoughts.

Some long term effects are its potential for abuse and addiction. This medication has been given a classification mostly reserved for drugs that have the highest abuse potential. All teens who’ve been prescribed Adderall should be given them under the strict guidance of their parents.

Side effects that may occur due to abuse include thoughts and behavior similar to the one experienced by the cocaine users. Adderall abusers may act irritable, hyperactive, and aggressive. Abusers who stop this medication abruptly may end up with fatigue and depression. The best way to buy this medication is from many online stores. They offer best rates and can shop medication right to your door.


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